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How to get to Ko Tao

There are several ways to get to Ko Tao

To take part in an Sailing Cruise you will need to make your way to Ko Tao, the home port of SY Yun Khan.

Depending from where you are approaching this holiday destination you will need to board a ferry to reach the island Ko Tao. Ferry services to Koh Tao are available from the Mainland through the coastal cities of Chumphon or Surratthani and from the neighboring islands of Koh Phangan and Koh Samui.

Approach from north to Ko Tao:

Most visitors coming from Bangkok. There are several services you could choose.


from Bangkok to Chumphon overnight in a sleeper train is very comfortable and cost less than 1000 Thai Baht. Trains leaving from Bangkok train station around 7.00 pm daily. You continue then by ferry from Chumphon.


You will find several bus companies which will run from Bangkok to Chumphon. Best choices you can find at the Kao San Road area. Some bus services include the ferry ride to Ko Tao which is called “Joined Ticket”.

Approach from the south to Ko Tao:

Night Boat:

If you are coming from Malaysia or Krabi your best bet is getting to Surratthani onto the night boat. It leaves around 23.00 pm and arrives 5.00 am at Ko Tao.  Prices are around 500 Thai Baht for this trip.

There are as well several night boats from Chumphon. The newer car ferry style is very comfortable to sleep and cheap. Price around 350 to 400THB.

Sailing Yacht:

If you flying into Koh Samui from Bangkok, Phuket or elsewhere we are happy to arrange a pick up by Sailing Yacht.You would need to book a charter to Ko Tao in advance with us. Click here to see more details about the sailing Yacht.

Same service would be possible if you are already on Koh Phangan and would like to travel further to Ko TaoPrices are between 12.000 and 18.000 Thai Baht.


How to get to Ko Tao

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