Angthong Marine Park

Ang Thong marine Park

Mu Koh Ang Thong marine park

The Mu Koh Ang Thong marine park is a national park which covers an area of 102 km² but only 18 km² are land. We can find here 42 Islands. The name itself means bowl of gold.

Map Of Ang Thong Marine parkIt is located in Tambon Ang Thong, Amphor Ko Samui, Suratthani Province, was designated the 21th national park of Thailand on November 12, 1980, and covers an area of 102 square kilometer. 82% or about 84 square kilometer of the area is water. The Ang Thong marine park consists of 42 islands, most high steep limestone mountains, lined up from north to south.

Wildlife Ang Thong marine park

In general the wildlife found consists of smaller animals of which researchers have discovered 16 species of mammals, more than 50 species of birds, 14 species of reptiles and 5 species of amphibians. The Dusky Languor which comes down to the parks amp allowing visitors to be observed closely.

The larger Islands house a rich array of wildlife including Lizards, pythons, long tailed monkeys (languor), sea eagles, kingfishers, egrets, otters and turtles. In waters around the Islands an high level of marine diversity exists as the hard and soft corals are home to sharks, angelfish, stingrays, butterfly fish, squid, mackerel and anchovy.

The Sea around the Ang thong marine park is seldom more than 10 meter in depth like around Koh Samui. Since the archipelago is located near the mainland, it receives sediment contamination from the Tapee River. Many marine creatures are adapted to this environment and they live, forage, shelter and breed here.

The Ang Thong marine park consists of four fully functioning eco systems; Evergreen, mangrove, beach and limestone.

Over millions of years rain has seeped through the island of Koh Mae Koh creating enormous lime stone caverns, the roof of which, over time has collapsed, to form what is now known as the emerald lagoon of Ang Thong. The Emerald Lagoon is surrounded by step cliffs and from the sea is seen as walls of rock rising from the ocean.

Flora of the Ang Thong marine park

Flora is found in limestone crevices with little or no soil and are often small , drought tolerant and slow growing species such as Dracaena loureira, Malayan Spurge Tree Euphobia antiquarum, and Morinda tinctoria.

The Mangrove forest is limited in the Ang Thong Marine Park, some can be seen on the muddy beach in the inner sea and some in the bays to the east of Ko Paluai. All the Mangrove forest in the region has undergone plantation regeneration projects from the National Park Thailand Authority. very little there, some can be seen on th muddy beach in he inner sea and some in he bays to the east of Ko Paluai. They have all been planted.

The geological composition in the region along with millions of years of rain and erosion has led to the stunning if not fascinating creation of underground caves, mountain top lakes, limestone rock formations and natural stone bridges leading to the sea in the Ang Thong marine park.

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